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a little help with food, shelter, & utilities for people engaged in seeking curative treatment for a terminal illness


The Compassionate Foundation, Inc.
The Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation, Inc. 2004-2018

Since 2004, and as Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation we provided award winning 
assistance to more than 73,000 hospice patients in serious financial need. 
When our former nationwide partner joined forces with another national Health Care team in February 2019, 
we ventured out on our own with a slightly modified name, reach and focus! 

 The Compassionate Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides financial relief to Delaware residents who are diagnosed with a terminal illness, who live at or below poverty level, and are actively engaged in curative treatment for their advanced serious illness.  We offer a “one-time” assistance to those in need who will benefit from help with - food, shelter or utilities.  
As the organization develops, additional information will be shared!  

The "new" organization is relying upon the CARING POWER of DELAWARE and using the good "heartedness" of 
Delawareans to build greater impact and deeper commitment to each other.  

Ultimately turning the most challenging reality a serious diagnosis brings into help and hope that will 
drive social change is what we are really after.  

Be a part of somebody's miracle... 
                                                                                            Rozie Zappo.Doe

 Your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. A copy of our latest financial audit is available by writing to us at the address listed below. The Compassionate Foundation, Inc. is a registered 
501-C3 nonprofit organization. CF’s purpose, programs and activities can be obtained by contacting (CF) at 248 E. Chestnut Hill Rd. Suite 4, Newark, DE 19713, 302-368-8944 

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The Compassionate Foundation, Inc.
The Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation, Inc. 2004-2018